Certified County Records from Los Angeles County

Fast Los Angeles County Certified Real Estate and DBA Records Service
Let Us Get Your Certified Copies of Deeds and DBA’s Recorded Since 1958 For  Los Angeles County

If you urgently need to get an official copy of a recorded Real Estate Record (like a recorded Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, Quitclaim Deed, etc.) or DBA Filing (Doing Business As Filing) from the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office, Hollywood Notary.Net provides a one-day service for obtaining Los Angeles County Clerk Certified Copies of Real Estate Records(for records since 1958 only)! I will go to the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office in Norwalk, California and personally look up your file (on the microfiche or using the computer files there), and I will order a Los Angeles County Certified Copy of the document that you desire, and I will wait for it to be made. I will then ship it to you immediately, using the shipping company of your choice! (the County Clerk’s office provides 5-day service if you mail in your request to them, but I provide 1-day service if you simply pick up the phone and call!)

I can research any recorded Deed or DBA Record in Los Angeles County since 1958. I will pull up the file, have it printed and certified by the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office, and ship the document directly to you. If you are not sure that a record exists but you’d like for us to research it, we can do that for $110, prepaid by credit card. If we find that the record exists, we will have a certified copy made for an additional $15.

To use this service, you must know that your record exits, the date the document was signed or recorded, and the name or names of the parties involved. I charge $125 for one document (up to 3 pages) plus $50 for each additional document (up to 3 pages). Additonal pages are $5 per page. We fulfill your order within 1 business day of receipt of your order (and of your payment), if the order is placed by 12:00PM. Orders received after this time may not be processed until the following day. I will ship your documents to you immediately- you must pay for the shipment or provide me with an account number to use, or I will give you a quick Fed Ex quote on the phone.

If you need to send your Certified Recorded Los Angeles County Real Estate Record or DBA Filing overseas, we also provide Apostille and Authentication Services for that record, through the California Secretary of State. See that page on this website for details.

To order your Expedited Certified Los Angeles County Real Estate Record or DBA Filing Record, please call David at (323)393-5822 or send an email to: hollywoodnotary@gmail.com.

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