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Although we have a blog that we create as a part of this website, we also have a longstanding blog that we have continuously updated for 9 years, on Blogger. It’s called “The Hollywood Notary (TM)” , and it’s always been called that. This blog is in no way associated with a company by the same name in Hollywood that has been operating for about 4 years- we still use the name for this publication, for we believe that just because another Notary company had the nerve, indecency, ignorance or stupidity to use a name that we were already using for our blog (this blog has been consistently ranked in the top 3 listings for several years on Google for keywords “notary public hollywood”), and there is absolutely no reason for us to change the name of our publication. We have added the “TM” after the name of the blog, in order to indicate and assert our right and intent to continue using this name for our blog, since David Ransom had this name first in association with our published blog.

Our company has always been called “Hollywood Notary Dot Net”, or “Hollywood Notary.Net”,  and David Ransom has had a Fictitious Name Statement filed with the County of Los Angeles to use the names “Hollywood Notary Dot Net” and “Hollywood Notary” in association with the notary business that he runs in Los Angeles for several years now.  We named the blog “The Hollywood Notary” as a publication 9 years ago, and it’s still our blog- just to not cause confusion.  We are not planning to force the other company to change the name of their business just because it copies the name of our blog- we just want folks to not be confused, and know that we were already using that name for one of our assets prior to the existence of that other (non-related to us) company.

With all that being said,  “The Hollywood Notary (TM)” blog is published at, and is published somewhat regularly nowadays.  We will update that blog as well as this one in order to enhance our marketing efforts.

About Hollywood Notary Dot Net

Hollywood Notary Dot Net was founded in 2006 by David Ransom. It was created to provide Mobile Notary Services to all areas of Hollywood and the rest of Los Angeles, as well as surrounding cities such as Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica, using our website at as our primary tool for marketing, and our blog at as another vital tool in our marketing.  Today over 9 years later we are still going strong, providing Mobile Notary Services, Apostilles and Authentications,  and several other services in order to assist clients in obtaining other services from the California Secretary of State, the U.S. Department of State, the Los Angeles County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, the Orange County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, the Los Angeles County Superior Court’s Office, and various Consulates around Los Angeles and Embassies in Washington DC.

Thank you for using Hollywood Notary Dot Net!

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