Shipping Prices

We only ship by Fed Ex Express, Fed Ex Ground or DHL.  If you wish to use any of these shipping methods, you may pay for shipping with your payment for services, or you may provide us with your Fed Ex or DHL account number for billing.

We ship to all states in the US, and worldwide.  Fed Ex is our preferred carrier.   Because UPS will not replace lost documents or allow documents to have a declared value or be insured, we never use UPS with our services.

For Fed Ex Ground shipping, we charge $20 for Fed Ex Ground shipments to anywhere in the continental US.

We charge $30 for next-day Fed Ex Express shipping to anywhere in California.

For Fed Ex Express shipments to anywhere other than California in the Pacific Time Zone,  we charge $35.00.

For Fed Ex Express 1-Day shipping to U.S. States in the Mountain Time Zone, we charge $38.00.  For shipping to U.S. States in the Central Time Zone, we charge $43.00 for Fed Ex Express 1-Day shipping.  For states  in the Eastern Time Zone, we charge $48.00 for Fed Ex Express 1-day shipping.

We charge standard Fed Ex rates to Canada and Mexico.

Shipments to Mexico range in price from $45 to $74, depending on the location being shipped to.  You may call Fed Ex at 1-800-247-4747 for a price quote for shipping, or email us at for a price quote.

You may also call us at 323-393-5822 for more information about shipping.