Introducing the Mobile Notary Annual Pass for Los Angeles Businesses

Introducing the Mobile Notary Annual Pass for businesses in Los Angeles.  We have never done this before, and as far as I know, this is a first!

For the introductory price of $300, businesses can pay us to visit their locations on any business day (holidays are excluded), for a call fee of $30 per visit.   With each call, your business will receive up to 5 notarizations (included in this price).  This offer can be used once a week (excluding holidays).  Notary visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

If your business needs Mobile Notary Services often, this Annual Pass can save you.

We normally charge a $40 travel fee, plus $10 per notarized signature.  We earn a minimum of $50 on such trips.  With the Annual Pass, you will receive up to a $90 value per trip, for each scheduled trip.  You have about 50 days to schedule us. Additional notarized signatures (over 5) will be charged $10 per notarized signature.

Here is how our regular pricing compares to the Annual Pass pricing (assuming 5 included notarizations with the Annual Pass):

Regular Pricing                    Annual Pass

Visits #6     $540                                $480

# 7            $630                                 $510

# 8            $720                                $540

#9            $810                                 $570

#20          $1,800                              $900

#30          $2700                               $1200

This Mobile Notary Annual Pass can pay for itself after about 5 visits (especially if you have a lot of signatures that need to be notarized). By visit number 20, you are already saving up to  $900.     By visit number 30, you are paying $1,200 and receiving up to $2,700 in Notary Services.   Remember, you can schedule us up to 50 days in the year. Even if you need Notary service  only once a week, this service can save you a bundle!

Due to the commitment to service that we have on this Annual Pass, we currently will only sell one of these Annual Passes to clients, and to a limited area only. We will sell this product to exactly 2 businesses, selected from interested parties in Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, Hancock Park, or Beverly Hills.

If you are interested in the Mobile Notary Annual Pass, please send us an email, at

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary Dot Net

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