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If you need to get an Apostille from the California Secretary of State and you don’t want to use a Apostille Service  (like ours), you can actually either mail in your request to the Sacramento office (located at 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, California  95814), or you can visit in-person either the Sacramento office or the Los Angeles office (located at 300 S. Spring Street, Room 12513,  Los Angeles, CA 90071).

For Apostille orders filled by HollywoodNotary.Net, we visit the Los Angeles office.

The Los Angeles Office of the Secretary of State is very busy!  They process hundreds of Apostilles each day.   Sometimes you can go there and experience little or no wait for processing your documents.  Other times, you will may have to wait 2 hours or more!  Within the last 2 months I have had to wait about 2.5 hours 3 times at that office.  All customer requests are processed in the order you arrive, so be sure to take a number! 

If you ever go there and see a line out the door and people standing or sitting in the hallway, just go ahead and walk through the door, grab a number, and prepare for a long wait!  There is a Cafeteriaon the 2nd floor- you might as well go there if you are hungry, or head to the restroom!

The workers at the Los Angeles office are generally pleasant and professional.

The Los Angeles Secretary of State’s office does not accept cash- only checks, credit cards and money orders.   If you come with only cash they will ask you to walk a couple of blocks to get a money order.

You will also have to fill out a yellow Counter Sheet when you visit the office, with your name, address and telephone number, along with telling them which country your Apostille or Authentication is going to be used in.

Once your number is called, the Counter Agent will look over your documents and tell you whether or not your documents are acceptable.  Only original documents (not photocopies) signed by a current Notary Public, County Clerk/County Recorder,  the Governor, Clerks of the California Superior Court, the Registrar of the State Department of Health, or a few other state officials will be accepted for processing Apostilles or Authentications from the Secretary of State.  The documents must bear the signature on file for the public official, and the public official must have signed in his or her official capacity and with his or her seal in order for the document to be accepted.  Documents issued by any County Health Department are not acceptable.

The Los Angeles office is generally open from 8:00AM until 4:30PM weekdays, closed weekends and holidays.

For more information about the Los Angeles Regional Office of the Secretary of State, you can just check out this link:

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