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Apostille Services for Oxnard, California

If you live in Oxnard, California in Ventura County, California,  and need an Apostille on your important documents,  Hollywood Notary Dot Net in Los Angeles can help you get Apostilles fast and easily.  You don’t need to drive 61 miles to Los Angeles and back (about 122  miles round trip)- we can do the work for you,  easily.  Let our Expert Apostille and Authentications Services  help you take the worry and risk out of the Apostille process!  We have over 7 years of helping clients quickly get Apostilles from the California Secretary of State and the US Department of State.


Our Apostille Services

We can help you get Apostilles on documents such as Power of Attorney, Birth Certificates, Background Checks, Marriage Certificates, College Transcripts, Diplomas, High School Transcripts, Driver License copies, Legal Documents,  Divorce Decrees, and more.  See “Common Types of Documents That We Get Apostilles For“. With our service, we personally submit your documents to the California Secretary of State’s counter in Los Angeles, and we wait for them.  With our 1-day service, we process your documents within 1 business day of receipt of your documents.  We then take the documents over to Fed Ex, and ship them back to you, fast- see our shipping options on our California Apostille Order Form.


Types of documents that we get Apostilles for

Documents that are submitted for the Apostille process must have the signature of a Public Official.  Documents signed by Notary Publics or County Clerks, or by Clerks of the California Supreme Court, are examples of documents that can go through the Apostille process.  The current County Clerk/Recorder of Ventura County is Mark A. Lunn, and all Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates currently issued in Ventura County bear his signature. The website of the Ventura County Clerk/Recorder can be found here.   You can obtain Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates directly from the  2 offices of the Ventura County Clerk/Recorder- please visit their website for location information, hours, phone number  and more.

Please email your documents to us for review!

Birth Certificates are issued by several agencies here in California- the State Department of Health, County Recorders, and County Health Departments. Only the certificates issued by the State Department of Health or the County Recorders can receive Apostilles. We ask that you please scan (or take a picture of) your documents and email them to us at


so that we can review them,  and  advise you on whether or not your document is eligible for Apostille.


We have 2 phone lines for you- for English, call David Ransom at (323)393-5822.  For Spanish, call Jaime Tejeda Ransom, at (323)523-7430.   (David and Jaime both speak English and Spanish). Currently our prices start at $195.  Please see our California Apostille Order Form for more information.  If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to call us! Hollywood Notary.net  (323)393-5822 Spanish Line:  (323)523-7430.   Thank you for choosing Hollywood Notary.net!

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