Apostille and Authentication Service for Public Documents, for Santa Barbara, California

Hello, residents of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County!  If you have found this page, you are most likely trying to figure out what an Apostille is, find out how you can get it fast,  find out how to get the most value for the price that you will pay for your Apostille(s), and finally, which company that you will use to get the Apostille(s).  Well, I will attempt to help you answer those questions, and I hope that at the end of it all you wind up using my company, HollywoodNotary.Net in Los Angeles.


What is An Apostille?  

You can click here to get the long explanation about the Apostille definition. In short, an Apostille tells the receiving country that the Public Official who signed your document is recognized by the State, and that he/she was acting in his/her official capacity.  Basically it is to make your document legal in the receiving country. Apostilles can be issued by any U.S. State or by the U.S. Department of State, depending on the type of document.   Documents signed by Notaries Public, County Recorders,  Superior Court Clerks,  the Governor, and certain other Public Officials in California can receive Apostilles and Authentications from the California Secretary of State.

How fast can I get an Apostille?

You have options for getting an Apostille, including driving to Los Angeles or Sacramento and getting the Apostille at the counter of the California Secretary of State’s office.  Santa Barbara is about 95 miles from Los Angeles, and about 388 miles from Sacramento, so driving to Los Angeles is an option.   You could visit the Secretary of State and, if all your paperwork is in order, you can get out of there in as little as 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on how crowded it is when you go there.  Of course, there are also Service Companies, like Hollywood Dot Net, which will take your documents to the Secretary of State for you, wait while the documents are processed, and then ship them directly to you immediately.  We generally process documents from California within one business day of receipt.  All documents received by 10:30am are generally processed and shipped out on the same day!

Which Company Provides the Best Value of Service?

I will tell you this:  Hollywood Notary Dot Net has been in the Notary Public business for 9 1/2 years, and we have been processing Apostilles for clients for 9 years (as of July 2015).   We are very experienced, and  familiar will the most common types of documents that are typically needed for use overseas.   We are knowledgeable about the multiple reasons that most documents can be rejected by the Secretary of State, and we do our best to ensure that it will not happen to your documents!

What do you charge?

We charge $175 for the first document in your order, plus $75 for each additional document in your order, which includes our service, all government fees, and next-day return by Fed Ex Express.    We will always keep you abreast of the status of your package, including emailing you when we have received your order and providing you with the Fed Ex tracking number.  Our service goal is best described like this:  boom- boom- boom.  Boom- we got it. Boom- we did it.  Boom- you got it back! 

Which Company Shall I Use to Get My Apostilles or Authentications? 

There are many companies out there that offer Apostille Services.  We hope that by now you have a clear understanding of the way that we operate, but we hope that you choose Hollywood Notary Dot Net as your Agent for providing Apostilles and Authentications on your Public Documents!

How Do I Get Started?

In order to use our service,  we need to review your documents before you ship them.  Please email them to:  hollywoodnotary@gmail.com Please provide your name and phone number in the email, and tell us which country that the documents will be used in.  We will review your documents promptly and thoroughly, and get back to you in a timely fashion! Payment We accept Credit Cards and payments through Pay Pal,  Business Checks, Money Orders, and Western Union.   We also accept cash if you are meeting David Ransom in person. Please download, print and compete our Apostille Service Order Form, or be sure to include all the requested information on a separate letter.


Please call David Ransom at (323)393-5822 for any inquiries or to place your order.

Email:  hollywoodnotary@gmail.com

We know that you have many choices for Apostille Service Companies, and we thank you for using Hollywood Notary Dot Net. 

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